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CAA UK Drone Registration rules

changed 31 Dec 2020 

Register here:


- ALL drones over 250g or any drone with a camera (inc DJI Mini & Mini2 ) must register with the CAA

- Includes hobbyists, commercial pilots and international visitors

- TWO IDs are required in most cases: Operator ID + Flyer ID

- Operator ID:

   - person legally responsible for the drone(s)

   - must be displayed on all drone(s) (1 ID covers all drones)

   - costs £9 and lasts 1 year. Needed for all drones over 250 gms and / or with camera (eg Mini)

Flyer ID:

   - person actually flying (ie holding the remote)

   - online test must be passed

   - Does not need to be displayed on drone but must be produced on demand when flying

   - Free and lasts 3 years.  


- Failure to register can result in fine up to £1,000


Also additional Police powers to:

- Command you to land when instructed

- Issue on the spot 'Fixed Penalty Notices' for breaching certain rules or not being

  able to provide registration documents

- Search homes and seize equipment


New rules introduced last year:

- Criminal offence to fly more than 400 ft above ground (actual position, not take off)

- Criminal offence to fly within 5 kms of airport including rectangular extension zones for runways

- Unlimited fines or up to 5 years' prison for recklessly or negligently endangering another aircraft

  or person in an aircraft


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